eLicense Radio / ISR (IZIN STASIUN RADIO) POSTEL KOMINFO is a permit issued by the Directorate of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology as one of the types of permits for the use of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbit. Radio Station License (ISR) Broadcasting is required for every radio frequency user including broadcasting, which includes every television station and radio broadcast operating in the territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Radio Frequency is a wireless transmission media used to transmit information from the transmitter (transmitter) to the receiving device (receiver). Apart from being a limited natural resource, radio frequency also has a strategic role in the development of telecommunications, including the construction of broadband networks, communication support for the purposes of national defense and security, disaster management, search and assistance, and communication facilities for internal companies, legal entities, as well government agency. Radio frequency management or management carried out by the Ministry of Communication and Information cq the Directorate General of Post and Information Technology Resources (DG SDPPI) as an administrator in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, which has contributed to state finances in the form of Non-Tax State Revenues from Usage Fees Radio Frequency (Radio Frequency BHP).

Progress simulation of ISR


For requirements for ISR (IZIN STASIUN RADIO) management you can see on www.indotelecom.net We are ready to help you in the process of managing repeater, base station radio, handy talky & isr point to point.

For the regulation of the current regulation using an online system. where the company will register the isr, the first step must be to register the company NIB through an OSS account. After the company has a company NIB, for the second step, the company is required to register into the spectraweb postel account. Next for the Link.
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