Working System Of Repeater, HandHeld & Radio Base Station

Repeaters are devices that function to receive signals that contain data in a network. By using a repeater, the network coverage will be wider. The repeater receives a signal and then re-emits a signal that is identical to the original signal, but in a different way. Generally repeaters retransmit the signal in a frequency different from the original signal frequency.

Because of its main function, which is to expand the range of wifi networks, this repeater is often referred to as a wifi extender. In addition, because it also functions as a signal amplifier, sometimes people and network technicians also often refer to repeaters as wifi boosters. So if you meet the term on the market, you don’t need to be confused because everything refers to the same device, the repeater. Repeaters themselves have several types, namely 1) Radio Hand Held / Handy Talky /HT, 2) Radio Base Station / Radio RIG. Each repeater has its specific function depending on its designation. The first type of repeater is a Radio Hand Held & Base Station Repeater. As the name implies, you can already guess. Therefore repeaters must be used so that the signal received by the Radio user is clear.

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